2 dedos de frente, intense aromas, complete and unctuous palate.

Red wine from Spain, (96% Syrah, 4% Viogner).


Sensation is the reference of the name of this wine is the pillar on which has supported the Scotch Volante, Norrel Robertson, for the elaboration of this red. A Syrah that received Viognier hides during vinification. Intense aromas of wild fruits, complete and unctuous palate.
The varieties come from the Finca del Val. Planting on stony ground, boulders. The grapes were collected by hand in boxes of 20 kilograms in the early hours of the morning, a wonderful day in October.
They were stored at 0 ° C for 48 hours in a cold room before soft pressing and were macerated in the cold for another 10 days. The wort was then heated and the fermentation started. When the fermentation of the Syrah was midway, Viognier skins were added to help color stability, perfume and complexity to wine.

After the alcoholic fermentation, an additional maceration of 3 weeks was made and the wine was pressed to French oak barrels of 225 and 300 liters of 5 and 6 years of different coopers Hermitage, Darnajou and Dominique Laurent, which have contributed to give to this wine an exceptional characteristics.

Purple color. In the nose it shows intense aromas of cassis, violet flowers and aromatic touches reminiscent of box of cigars and roasted. The mouth reveals a complete and unctuous wine on the palate with intense touches of black fruit, well integrated oak and a long finish.

Norrel Robertson, the Scottish Volante, arrived in Calatayud more than ten years ago looking for a well-communicated place that would allow him to continue his work as an oenologist in different wine projects in Spain and southern France.
After touring the wine regions of half the world, obtaining the title of Master of Wine and training in viticulture and oenology in New Zealand, it was the old vineyards that can be found in this region of Zaragoza that captivated him. He created “El Escocés Volante” as a company and established his roots and those of his family in Calatayud.
Unmoved by nature, and honoring his pseudonym (although he points out that most of the miles on the peninsula, he does them by car – by the wheel – and not flying), his commitment to highlight the rich Spanish wine heritage has led him to elaborate too In other regions such as Rueda, Rías Baixas or Murcia.


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