8 Vents, an ode to the Mediterranean.

Red wine from Mallorca produced with a coupage of the varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Manto negro and  Callet.


All the grapes are harvested in boxes and fermented in the cellar. The grape, which manages to transmit the characteristics of the climate of the area, is unstemmed when arriving at the facilities of the winery and is allowed to macerate in cold. The obtained wort, from which Atlan & Artisan 8 Vents is born, is then fermented in open tanks at controlled temperature. Atlan & Artisan 8 Vents finishes the winemaking phase, resting for 16 months in French oak barrels. After malolactic fermentation in barrels they select the blend for the final wine and age it further in French oak.


Garnet red color, purple meniscus and very high layer. It gives a feeling of power.Very high aromatic intensity. Remember strawberry, violet, cedar and licoriceIn the mouth it is very fleshy, soft and velvety and very aromatic. Retrogusto to licorice black and black fruits. Sweet tannins. Friendly. Long. Roasted at the end.

Perfect to pair with cured cheeses, pasta with meat sauce and grilled red meats.

Atlan & Artisan or Sebastian Keller and Phillipe Bramaz, both were attracted by the ancestral wine culture of Mallorca and the possibilities offered by the different microclimates that exist on the island, (the biggest of the Balearic Islands with great heritage of forgotten wine culture). The Island and the sea given its nature as island, each direction open to the sea, the winds brings the most influence in agriculture. Each corners of the islands creates special microclimates and seasonal changes. They after a long task of selection of plots in different points of the island, they obtained a perfect coupage that expresses the Mediterranean spirit of the island and its varied climatology. He was born 8 vents, 8 winds of the island., an ode to the Mediterranean.


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