Tercia de Ulea 2008, a wine full of youth and personality.

Red wine 70% Monastrell 30% Tempranillo, (D.O. Bullas)


Wine made from grapes from its own vineyards, from the farms “la alberquilla” (Benizar) and “the puddles” (Moratalla), located between 670 and 810 meters of altitude, with important thermal jumps between day and night.

Aged for 12 months in 250 and 300 liter French oak barrels 80% (Alier) and American 20% (Finesse) that give it the character and appropriate nuances of an excellent Mediterranean wine, in addition it remains evolving a year in the bottle before leaving to the market.

It hits pleasantly for its great color, very intense and beautiful; Red with abundant purplish to purple hues.Bright, full of youth and personality.
In the nose a great display of varied aromas: very fruity, with floral and jelly notes, suggesting black plums, pomegranates, violets, blackberries, black pepper. With very good intensity and aromatic persistence.
Great mouth, with surprise for its delicacy, without edges, with great flavor and a long finish. Very fruity, with great body, although well balanced by its great acid freshness. Of modern cut and splendid expression, it is a complex wine at the same time that elegant with a fine end of mouth that lasts long and that invites to continue drinking. Very mature fruit, almost composed, accompanied by spicy notes such as pepper and clove from the aging.
Perfect for lamb, small game, stews and red meats.


The origins of the Ucea Tercia Winery date back to the 13th century. In 1,242 the conquest of Moratalla takes place. After the conquest the creation of the Commendation of Moratalla by the Order of Santiago takes place. The order reserved the lands of the estate of Ulea, to enjoy its commendadores, developing and enhancing the vineyards and the already existing cellar. The accounts of the Encomienda and the notarial protocols, testify to the important production and quality of its wines from the 15th to the 19th century.

At that time, Moratalla wines acquired great prestige. Already in the eighteenth century, Bernardo Espinalt, an officer of the post general of the court, in his book “Atlante Español” includes, “Moratalla produces …, all fruits necessary to the vine and to taste, especially wine, so Beautiful quality, which is extracted for foreign kingdoms. “

Nowadays, the cellar is transferred to a neighboring building, the old work house, where it has been equipped with all the technical requirements necessary to produce quality wines.
The production is made in a differentiated way by grape varieties and plots, so that the different characteristics of microclimate and terrain are controlled. The deposits have a maximum capacity of 10,000 Liters, which allows the differentiated elaboration of the different wines, that after the different coupage, originate the final products.


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