La Danza del viento 2013, a Garnacha of Gredos, fruity, fresh and with a great acidity.

Gredos red wine elaborated with vines of more than 70 years of Grenache is almost a miracle. It is a vineyard with a yield of 1000 kilograms per hectare, which gives an idea of ​​the difficulty involved in bottling this wine. The vineyards are located in San Martín de Valdeiglesias, a small town in the Alberche Valley, characterized by the diversity of soils that it offers (sandy with granite outcrops and gneiss. The result is this fresh wine, despite its aging in barrel.

The Garnacha procde of the vineyard called The song of the witches, in San Martín de Valdeiglesias located to 750 meters of altitude. Manual selection of grape cluster by cluster. The harvest was carried out on September 23, 2013. The fermentation starts after a traditional treading of the grapes in small deposits. A cold maceration is carried out with 100% of the scrape for 20-35 days looking for the maximum expression of the terroir. Aging in 300 and 500 liter barrels for 15 months, to be launched in March 2015.
Ruby red color with violet edging. Medium intensity, but very expressive variety. Red fruit like strawberries or currant, clove, cinnamon and floral memories on an elegant mineral background. In the mouth it is an essentially fruity wine. With very good acidity, I pass through very delicate mouth, with a great freshness. Again a mixture of fruit, spices and minerals in the mouth.
A Garnacha de Gredos, fruity, fresh and with a great acidity.


Everything began in a vineyard, when David, one of the components of 4monos, a native of Cadalso Vidrios saw the potential he had to produce a great wine. Thus, this young man looked for three companions of adventure and together they created 4 monos Vintners. The four have wanted to value the high altitude vineyards of this area west of the Community of Madrid and have created a range of very personal Garnacha wines and also with some minorities such as Albillo or Cariñena.
The members of this group are at the confluence of three autonomous communities and their wines can be called Méntrida (Toledo), Wines of Madrid (Madrid) or Wines of the Land of Castilla y León (Ávila). They defend the own character that the Grenache acquires in these places.


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