Hidalgo Fino, Its beauty and complexity.

The pale, clean color of this wine belies its beauty and complexity. Made from 100% Palomino (D.O.P.Jerez-Xérès-Sherry), the wine is elegant and bone-dry on the palate, yet the finish lingers on.


The finesse of this wine comes from the fact that Hidalgo uses finos from aged soleras, sometimes 6 and 7 years old, when many producers choose to bottle their finos at 2-3 years.  This extra aging adds refinement on the palate.

Marco de Jerez method of soleras and criaderas. Biological aging for five years using system criaderas and soleras. All Finos develop under the veil of flor and this is evident on the nose of this wine, showing its bready, yeasty character.  Opening with typical notes of green olives, this refreshing fino gives way to delicate wildflowers on the nose.

Pairs perfectly with classic tapas but can also last the whole meal through with seafood and even sushi. This wine is meant to be served very-well chilled and can be used an aperitif as well as the most refreshing accompaniment to many classic, simple sea,

In the second half of the s. XIX the Hidalgo family begins the winemaking activity starting from wine soleras and vineyards of its property.
The winery is established from its origins in the old town of Jerez de la Frontera; Its buildings of classical construction with wide walls, large windows and high beamed ceilings with antique tile, are ideal for the aging and aging of the wine.

Since 1970, already incorporated in a joint-stock company, it develops a very important export activity in the markets of England, Holland, Germany and Austria, as well as in the USA, Japan, Denmark, Italy, France and Belgium.
Nowadays, extraordinary foundations of wine and brandy have been preserved which have been continued, increased and enriched, being the fifth generation of the founding family which is dedicated to the winemaking work.


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