Xímenez Spínola Fermentación lenta, a unique wine from generation to generation.

100% Pedro Ximénez, D.O Jeréz y Manzanilla.


The Pedro Ximénez grape with which this wine is made matured in the vineyards for 21 more days after the optimum date of harvest. In addition, aging was carried out in French oak barrels by adding 30 liters each to each of those barrels, and hence the meaning of slow Fermentation. In the nose is presented pasific fruit due to overbrushing on the vine and makes the mouth persistent and full.


Clean and intense gold color with greenish irisations and glyceric notes to put the glass in rotation.It is well marked by the French oak that is attenuated with notes of raisins and dried prunes. No symptoms of oxidation appear. There are no stridencies, but harmony of elements. Aromas are markedly characteristic of the variety.
The non-existent alcoholic sensation is surprising despite marking 14 degrees. It is broad and attacks all organoleptic perceivers since from the point of acidity, to the aftertaste with wood and ripe fruit, they are persistent and full of fullness.


Ninth Generation Family Winery. The first notarial deed that ensures the existence of the winery dates from the year 1726, and the first document that Ximénez-Spínola owns which documents its vintages is dated in 1736. Whatever its date of foundation, today is the ninth generation Of this saga of winemakers Jerezanos the person in charge of the management of the familiar business.

The circumstances of “Ximenez-Spinola” make it a unique winery in the entire frame of Jerez, since no other family of winemaking tradition has devoted and remains dedicated exclusively to the grape Pedro Ximénez, obtaining the recognition of Spanish authorities to grant the “Own accreditation: Pedro Ximenez Variety Denomination”.

Today, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA, after nearly 300 years, work with the same dedication that all previous generations, with eternal gratitude to those who left initiated the soleras and could not finish them.


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