Casio Verdejo, is a round, deep and unctuous wine. 

Casio, White wine 100% Verdejo. Its name is inspired by one of the three humans in the hell of Dante’s Divine Comedy. This wine is presented as part of a trilogy together with Judas and Bruto wines, with the idea of showing the potential of three native varieties of the area of Valladolid, Verdejo, Viura and Palomino. Old vineyards of these varieties have been selected for the pure and complex expression of each variety. Casio 2014 is a round, deep and unctuous wine.


The grapes come from the vineyards of La Sillería, Silvina and El Padrino. Strains planted more than 100 years old on free standing, in ecological and at 750 meters of altitude.
Harvest handmade, in boxes of 10 kilos, selecting the clusters.
It macerates between 12 and 18 hours, is pressed with scrape and decanta naturally.
Spontaneous fermentation in barrels of 500 liters in which it will be raised on its lees for 12 months. Then it goes to 4 months in the tank until its bottling. Clarified and filtered smooth before bottling. Without stabilization by cold to respect as much as possible the identity of the wine. For this reason natural precipitates may appear which do not affect the taste of the wine.
Yellow gold. Toasted nose, pastries, citrus, almond blossom.
In the mouth it is round, oily, deep and very long, with a bitter end of the variety.


Barco del Corneta, Beatriz Herranz recalls from her childhood the vineyard of her grandfather, whom she did not know. A vineyard in Cantarranas that many years later would inherit his mother and take her back to La Seca.
The project is small, careful, very personal. The philosophy of Beatriz is based on delivering a version of the Verdejo far removed from the prevailing homogenization in the area. Its wines are made on the margins of the DO Rueda although the vineyards of the area of Cantalarrana are located in La Seca.


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