Equilibrio 9, a truly balanced and lively wine.

Red Wine Monastrell 100%, the grape comes from the spot of La Raja – House of the Elm. Vineyard of more than 40 years planted on brown and limestone soil, poor in organic matter and low salinity, with a sandy-loam texture with good aeration.

Climate of continental character with influences of the Mediterranean. Winters are cold, hot, dry summers. Rainfall is scarce.
The grapes that give rise to this wine come from vineyards where they work in a balanced, respectful and sustainable way. The soils of cultivation take on protagonism, since they are very active, with a good biological conditions that facilitate a rapid assimilation of the organic material reincorporated, which allows to obtain of them all its expression.

Manual harvesting, qualitative selection of clusters that contribute acidity, structure and vivacity. Maceration pre-fermentation at low temperature (16 ° C) for 4 days, controlled fermentation at 26 ° C for another 10 days until the time of harvesting. Targeted malolactic fermentation with selected strains in stainless steel tank. Mixed aging in second-fill barrels, French oak 60% and 40% American oak, for nine months. Physical treatments of stabilization and filtration to guarantee its stability in bottle.
Cherry red color, bright red trim, good coat. Nose of high intensity, with aromas of ripe red fruit combined with pleasant toasted barrel, also spicy touches, soft sensations of candied cherry, memories to mount low and wet stone. Powerful mouth-filling with ripe tannins, good flow and fresh acidity, tasty red fruit, very spicy, balsamic, liquefying sensation that bathes the toasts, with volume, frank and persistent, long end.
Ideal wine to enjoy with accompanying roasts and stews, red meats, game, cheeses and cold meats.


Bodegas Sierra Norte has its vineyards of Monastrell in El Pinós. The 150 Has. Of the vineyard in this area they are supplied with Monastrell, an indigenous grape from vines of more than 50 years. Poor soil and almost desert climate bring a high quality grape to produce round monovarietales. The winery combines tradition and technology in equal parts. One of its technological singularities are the rotomaceradores, that remarkably improve the process of maceration and optimize the extraction. In Jumilla also they have a park of 100 barrels of French and American oak of different roasting, where they contribute the rearing to the different coupage.


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