Colección Vivanco Dulce de Invierno, is an ideal wine to enjoy.

Bodegas Vivanco makes this sweet wine with the varieties 50% Tempranillo, 20% Graciano, 20% Garnacha, 10% Mazuelo. Varieties that come from Finca El Cantillo, vineyard located in the town of Briones (Rioja Alta).

The wine is the fruit of the objective that was proposed by Rafael Vivanco to recover the traditional sweet wines of La Rioja. Known as “supuated”, these wines are made from grapes raisins during the winter in private homes to be enjoyed as dessert wine in the festivities of La Rioja. .
This sweet wine, without alcohol or added sugar, comes from the late winter harvest of botrytised grapes from the traditional red grape varieties Tempranilla, Graciano, Garnacha and Mazuelo cultivated in this special land. It is a wine of guard, pioneer in the Rioja, a wine destined to acquire complexity throughout its stay in bottle.
Harvesting is done manually with each variety separately, with poor yields due to dehydration, in small boxes of 10 kilograms.
After a long and gentle pressing, a must is obtained, which is fermented for approximately a month and a half in French oak barrels.
Aging 12 months in French oak barrels of different tonelerías, toasts and origins. Each one of the wines remains with its fine lees until its bottling, being carried out periodical batonnage during the first months. The cuvée of the wines is realized to fine-tune afterwards during almost another year in bottle rack.

Pale orange color, clean and bright. Intense and very pleasant aromas of fruity fruits, peach apricots, candied orange and sweet quince, all surrounded by elegant floral notes and cacao. In the mouth it is sensual, delicate, with a very fresh and integrated fruity sweetness that makes it a wine long, tasty and pleasurable.
It is an ideal wine to enjoy as an appetizer, alone, or next to foie gras or strong cheeses (roquefort, cabrales …). Surprising with cold seafood (oysters, lobsters …) and is a great companion as dessert wine with all kinds of cakes, sweets and seasonal fruits.

Vivanco is an experience in wine. It has 9,000 square meters of facilities including one of the largest wine museums in the world.
The main task of Vivanco as a winery is to try to show the world all the riojas behind Rioja. This means capturing in their wines the diversity of the different terroirs subscribed to this denomination of origin, reason why they have selected from all their vineyards those terruños that better adapt to each type of grape.


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