Moncerbal, an elegant poem of pure Bierzo.

100% Mencía, D.O Bierzo, Moncerbal comes from slate, quartz and marble floors. The minerality of this environment flows delicately into the wine giving it a splendid fluidity, mouth of long passage, sensations beyond minerality and an interesting complexity of aromas.


The grapes come from the selection of the vineyards in property, Moncerbal spot located in the village of Corullón. Vineyard of an altitude between 600m to 740m above sea level, southwest and northeast location. The age of the vineyards is from 60 years old to the oldest 90 years old.
Fermented in small open wooden tub and “bazuqueos”. Maceration for 34 days. Expected aging of 17 months in new French oak barrels.

Pale cherry color, violet trim, cape pulling high and fine tear well tinted. Aromas of very ripe red fruit with touches of very present and rough barrel toasted, balsamic notes (very intense eucalyptus) and very soft licorous touches that hide behind their remarkable spicy notes with predominance of black and red peppers, mineral touch that overwhelms And tertiary notes of leathers, tobacco and some chocolate on a bottom of understory. In the mouth it has a very good entrance, smooth astringency that gives way to a remarkable and powerful tour with nerve, intense spicy touches, licorous notes that refresh the whole, very tasty, long finish, aftertaste of ripe red fruit and retronasal very smoked.

Descendants of J. Palacios is the homage to a father and a grandfather, Alvaro Palacios and Ricardo Perez Palacios respectively, two vital names of Spanish oenology.
Alvaro Palacios comes from one of the great family sagas of La Rioja Baja, the Remondo Palaces on one side and the Wall on the other. At just 24 years of age, and after a period of training, he came to the Priorat with the purpose of producing great classic wines. More than 20 years later, he has become one of the most famous wine authors in Spain.
Ricardo Pérez Palacios, Alvaro’s nephew, has already had a long experience in France, Chile and the United States, as well as having lived the wine since he was born.
Both have an old stone cellar in Villafranca del Bierzo, which they have completely restored; Although for them the most important is the vineyard. To understand their wines, you must start by knowing the region of El Bierzo and the centuries-old vineyards from which they come.


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