Sálvora 2014 has managed to get the best of its soil and its careful elaboration.

Sálvora is a great Albariño from Rías Baixas in which we see how it has managed to get the best of its soil and the careful elaboration to which it is submitted. Coming from a century old family vineyard is showing today enough muscle to give very good sensations in your enjoyment within the next five years.

100% Albariño from the Finca El Torno, an arched vineyard located 70 meters above sea level, 105 year old vines on granite, sandy and calcareous soils.
Manual harvest and selection in winery. It fermented in oak barrels where it matured for one year and didn’t go through malolactic.


Golden yellow, produced by its time in the Alsatian bottle. Nose characterized by its great memories of ripe fruits, such as melon, pineapple, nectarine, loquat, although it is also perceived a citrus background, a lima.En mouth is salty, citric, with refreshing acidity, unctuous and with body. Wine quite Balanced between acidity and fruitiness.

Winemaker Rodrigo Méndez is a member of a well-known family in Rías Baixas and dedicated to making good wine from several generations. Rodrigo knows perfectly and observes the traditional ways of elaboration. This oenologist is very well considered, especially since he knows the vine as the palm of his hand.
Rodrigo Méndez has worked on numerous wine projects with renowned oenologist Raúl Pérez, however this is his most personal project, which has a few years of life. He makes two albariños with names of islands: Cíes and Sálvora. Two wines very well recognized by the critics since its first beginnings.


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