Olivares Dulce Monastrell, a piece of Jumilla history.

This sweet wine is 100% Monastrell at its best, with great concentration, persistence and balance. Produced with fruit from ungrafted, 50 year old Monastrell vines.


The older Monastrell vines of the estate of Bodegas Olivares are allowed to retain their fruit well into the autumn. Over-grapes reach incredible levels of concentration. When climatologically everything works perfectly, 5 or 6 years every decade, they can make this sweet wine.


The wine starts fermenting with indigenous yeast and fortified to stop fermentation. Long macerations with the skins. Partial fermentation. Bottled in June after the elaboration, with a minimum of 2 years in bottle.
A deep red-cherry-cherry color, with carmine and garnet tones. Complex in the nose, the aromas of figs, dates and ripe fruit are perceived with intensity and freshness. In the mouth it is powerful and sweet, with repetitive notes of black fruits, framed by a balanced acidity. Long and persistent finish.
It combines perfectly with all kinds of desserts, especially those made with chocolate, and, by contrast, with cheeses blue and cured.

Almost a century ago, Pascual Olivares Fernandez thought that the Monastrell grape, native to these lands and with a special adaptation to poor soils and with scarcity of rain, was able to produce different wines that showed the character of our land. He began by making small quantities of wine to provide our region.

“The wine has always been, only had to elaborate it; And in Bodegas Olivares is in our history, in our climate, in our land and, above all, in our hands. That is why, for us, wine is the beginning. And it’s final.” Olivares Fernandez Family.


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