Ophiusa 2015, a young terroir wine.

Ophiusa is a young terroir red wine from V.T Formentera made with the varieties Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Fogoneu, coming from the only vineyard Cap de Barbaria in Can Andreuet. They emphasize its details of lavender and herbs, wine of great Mediterranean minerality very subtle full of balsamic notes.


The wine comes from two plots, the main one with 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot and the second half hectare with Monastrell and Fogoneu. The vineyards planted in the late 90s for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot . Old vineyards of 40-50 years for Monastrell and Fogoneu.
Soil that goes from very sandy in the zone of the Merlot to quite stony in the zone of the Cabernet. The stone is limestone and aggravates the effects of lack of water, causing extra stress to the plant.
All grape varieties are collected separately, except Monastrell and Fogoneu which have a similar vegetative cycle.
The preparation is also done separately in a classic way. Once in the winery, which is next to the vineyard, on the same property, is destemmed, gently squeezed and filled with stainless steel tanks for fermentation. When the fermentation is finished, the must separates from the skins and is pressed to maintain the primary aromas of the fruit.


The aging is 8 months in French oak barrels, Monastrell and Fogoneu do not pass through wood and aged in a stainless steel tank to avoid over contact with wood and maintain its primary aromas in the breeding process and preserve freshness .
Red cherry wine. Predominant red ripe fruit, raspberry, berries, lavender. It maintains the minerality and the herbal tones (thyme and rosemary), the wood is very integrated and it shows little in the aroma, in any case, anise slightly mentholated.
Entrance with nerve and with good fruity load, good acidity that gives strength. Tannins of the wood somewhat more marked than in the nose and is also very long.
Optimal consumption now and in the next 3 years.
Pairing cod confit with garlic and romescu, partridge salad in pickle and foie, eggs of corral with sobrasada and truffle.

Cap de Barbaria is a small winery founded in 2000 and located on the Cap de Barbaria road, in one of the most idyllic places in Formentera.
The wines of Cap de Barbaria are made with four varieties that will bring different nuances in the final result. On the one hand Cabernet Sauvignon, an excellent grape in the world, despite its very small grain and below-average production, is highly appreciated for its climatic and edaphic adaptability. It gives a wine with much color and aromas of red fruits of the forest with a marked tannic character but that in warm climates, like the one of Formentera, ostensibly softens.
The Merlot variety, always associated with Cabernet because of its common origin and oenological complementarity, which has produced such good results in the region of Bordeaux, has been able to adapt in the vineyards facing the Mediterranean, giving a wine with touches of plum and a simple structure Which often compensates for the astringency of Cabernet.

The Monastrell is an ink variety, indigenous to the regions near the Mediterranean that supports the arid and hot climate. Its quality, long unrecognized, is due to the water stress that usually suffers throughout its vegetative cycle, giving fleshy wines, with a lot of color, slightly fruity and endowed with a good structure.
Finally the Fogoneu that is in all the Balearic geography, is a variety that complements the Monastrell giving a different aroma to the wine, we could say a touch of Mediterranean.


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