Pegaso Granito, one of the best examples of commitment to the recovery of abandoned vineyards.

Red wine from V.T Castilla y León 100% Garnacha of the El Robledillo, El Areguero and El Mojón sites. Grapes from an old vineyard located between 800 and 1000 meters in altitude.

Manual harvest in boxes of 14 kilograms. Fermentation with native yeasts without additives in 4,000 kilogram stainless steel tanks.
Aging for 18 months in French oak barrels of 600 liters.

Nose of floral aromas and intense mineral notes (wet stone and deep earthy notes), red fruit and a nice spicy background.
In the mouth it is warm but at the same time tasty, with an elegant and wrap-around mouth, fine tannins and a slightly bitter finish. Once the bottle is opened it evolves faster and faster! It´s amazing.

The project of Telmo Rodríguez in the town of Cebreros is one of the best examples of commitment to the recovery of abandoned vineyards. The area is characterized by the great minerality that the slate floors print to their grapes, but also by their mixture with granite, which brings even more nuances within that characteristic minerality and which translates into memories of wet stones and deep earthy notes .
Cebreros and Telmo create an endless number of possibilities for great wine potential.


In 1994, Telmo Rodríguez, after graduating in winemaking in Bordeaux and graduating from the Remelluri family winery, produced a wine from old vines in Navarre. That wine he created next to Pablo Eguzkiza and a third winemaker was named Alma. Thus begins the project, which in its origins was called the Company of Wines of La Granja. A name that was all a declaration of intentions: it was clear that the company would make more wines and that there was a tribute to La Granja, the famous glass factory, witness of an exceptional Spanish handicraft, now almost disappeared.



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