Algueira Brancellao, a red and balsamic fruits in Ribera Sacra.

Red Wine 100% Brancellao, produced by the Winery Adega Algueria, D.O Ribera Sacra.


Made with grapes from its own vineyards with a southern orientation and a large difference. The average age of these vineyards is 30 years.
Treading on foot in 600 liter wooden barrels. Fermentation in the same with the 100% of the scrape, without inoculation of yeasts. Discovered, pressed and finished of the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in barrel.
Aged in French oak barrels with more than 5 cycles of use and 12 to 14 months.

Brancellao is a grape variety native to the area of ​​the Ribera Sacra, very scarce and low productivity. It was predominant in this area before phylloxera, to be later forgotten and almost disappear. There are hardly any monovarietals made with this grape. It is a very interesting variety and of great potential, cherry color, that gives very fine wines, maintaining the acidity and with great wealth of aromas of red, spicy, balsamic fruits and aromatic herbs and mineral notes from the slate floors of all The Sacred area.

Cherry color typical of variety. Nose with some notes of reduction typical of the variety, aromas of red fruits and sweet spices and with some balsamic and mineral memory. In the mouth it is medium bodied, with fine tannins and good acidity, with persistent, elegant and subtle flavors, ending with notes of wild strawberry.
Optimum consumption from the moment of purchase until 2020.


The vineyards of Algueira are vineyards forgotten on slopes of more than 85% of unevenness. The care of Fernando Gonzalez and his wife Ana for more than three decades by almost extinct varieties, such as Alvarello, Caiño and la Merenzao, as well as others such as the white Godello or Loureiro, are what really prestige their wines.
Some of the harvests for their own production, as was the case with most of the small processors in the area, both made the great leap of marketing wine from their 16 hectares of vineyard.
They did so under the creation of D.O Ribeira Sacra, and thereafter, began with the elaboration of aging wines, a story that has led them to travel around the world.


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