Caníbal 2013, the result of a dream under the sun of Malaga.

Red wine (80% Syrah, 20% Cabernet sauvignon) produced by the Winery Malvajío in Mijas (Malaga).


The varieties come from the estate “María Sánchez”. This is what we call a parcel wine.
Manual harvesting of the total of 800 strains planted in the cellar. It is done on the last week of August. Fine selection of grapes in field and winery.


Fermentation between 26 and 28ºC. Cold maceration. Long, lasts more than 30 days.
Aged 28 months in French oak of medium grain and roasted grain. The character of the wine is marked by the character of the year in which the harvest takes place. This is why every year it is a wine with different organoleptic characteristics, a true jewel.
Wine of high layer. Pale cherry color with bright ruby tones. Cleansed. The nose is of medium intensity. Age-specific nuances. Lots of fruit and herbal memories.
Powerful and elegant mouth. Long-distance wine. With good acidity and with long and persistent finish.Optimum consumption from the moment of purchase.

Only 300 bottles of this wine are available on the market, which makes it a coveted treasure for wine lovers in Malaga.Bodega Malvajío is responsible for this wine that produces grapes from a small plot that is in around Of the cellar. It is a wine where we constantly find the memories to fruit and its mouth is powerful, structured and elegant.


Malvajío is a small cellar in which garage wines are produced: small productions for wines that are born under the Malaga sun.
Bernardo Pulido and Antonio Mérida are the two friends who imagined that Malvajío could be a reality, and in the company of two wine glasses they established the bases of what would be their dream winery.
Although it is a relatively young winery, since it was founded in 2006, Malvajío has an intense history behind it. The Sierra de Mijas has witnessed how in just 10 years the winery has 5 wines, all very different from each other.


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