Candio, a long red wine very mature, with a mineral memory.

Red Wine 100% Listán negro, D.O Valle de la Orotava. Wine that takes its name from the ravine that crosses the vineyards of the Bodega Suertes del Marqués in the Valley of the Orotava.

We are faced with a long red wine that has rested in used oak barrels and also neutral. Nose very mature, with a mineral memory. The palate is balanced, with well integrated acidity and ripe tannins.
The vineyard has a system of conduction by twisted cord. Age over 120 years.
Harvest done manually in boxes of 16 kilograms in the second week of September.
Maceration of 35 days with manual daily pigeage. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in concrete deposits with 50% of scrape, with native yeasts and at a controlled temperature of 32ºC. Malolactic fermentation is carried out in French oak barrels of 500 liters capacity.

Aging of 24 months, of which the wine rests 12 months in new barrels and the rest in barrels neutral French oak. This wine has not been filtered before being bottled.
Nose very mature, with a mineral memory. In well-balanced palate, with well-integrated acidity and ripe tannins.
It is recommended to serve between 14 and 16ºC. Optimum consumption from the moment of purchase.

Suerte del Marqués, Winemakers who sold grapes for years are considered one day to elaborate, putting in value the varieties and the autochthonous driving system of the Orotava Valley.

Francisco Javier García Núñez and his sons founded in 2006 Suertes del Marqués, the initial idea was to preserve the agricultural practice of the area but time has positioned them as one of the most interesting wineries in the Canaries.
Since mid-2016 they have new technical equipment. As Technical Director, the Portuguese Luis Seabra and the field wine team Loles Pérez and Jonatan García Lima, owner and face visible to the control of the winery.
The name of the winery is partly its origins. Formerly the plots in the area were called “lots” and part of the land was once owned by a landowner.
The winery stands on an 11 hectare vineyard, located in the middle of La Orotava (Las Suertes). The farm extends in altitude from 350 meters to 700 meters above sea level. The majority of the vineyard is dominated by vineyards of black and white Listán centennial cultivated in the unique system of multiple cords. In the rest of the vineyard live young and old vineyards of native varieties (Pedro Ximenez, Tintilla, Baboso negro) cultivated in trellis and cordón.




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