Bruto, a wine to celebrate the friendship and the passion for the grape Monastrell.

Red wine 100 % Monastrell, D.O. Jumilla.


BRUTO is a wine made with the Monastrell variety, aged for 20 months in French oak barrels, with the project of the actor Imanol Arias, Bodegas Juan Gil and the creative Jorge Martinez who have come together to celebrate the friendship and pay homage to the Grape Monastrell, his passion.
To carry out this project has had one of the most reputed wineries and with greater national and international projection, which has in its catalog with well-known brands such as Juan Gil, Clio or El Nido, and which has been an important part Of this project, putting their know-how and a selection of their best grapes, in the service of this exciting challenge “

It is a wine that represents the land, comes from a very old vineyard of Monastrell in the Jumillano de La Tella, an area “incredibly beautiful” but stony, so much that, he pointed out, “when you see it seems difficult that there Grow something. ”
For the elaboration of this new broth, barrels of other varieties have also been used in small quantities in order to “make it more attractive”, according to Gil, who has also opted to give a touch of pepper that “I love it” “All this makes it a complex wine that when you smell it attracts attention and when you drink it fills your mouth.”

Deep cherry red with garnet and garnet reflections.
Top layer In the nose is shown strong with black ripe fruit aromas and roasted notes, chocolate, etc. In the mouth it is enveloping with notes liqueur, with good wood and of long and balanced aftertaste.


Bodegas Juan Gil. The origins of this winery go back to 1916, when Juan Gil Giménez, great-grandfather of those who work there, decided to enter the world of wine.

At that time, Juan Gil raised a small cellar in the very center of the town of Jumilla. His son, Juan Gil Guerrero, dedicated his whole life to this company, but Juan Gonzalez’s son, Juan Gil Gonzalez, who, together with his brother Paco, forged an image of quality, efficiency and seriousness.
The main grape variety with which the Juan Gil wines are made is the Monastrell, native to the southeast of Spain, Jumilla being the largest and most important area of production in the world of this variety.
The Monastrell has been established in Jumilla for centuries, where it has adapted to the weather conditions of the area, being also very resistant to drought.
The other grape varieties that complement the wines of the house are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Petit verdot, all perfectly acclimated to this area for some time.

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