Xixarito manzanilla pasada en rama, The most trasgressive image of a classic.

Manzanilla made with the palomino variety, these are wines obtained from palomino musts, obtained by gentle pressures and subjected to complete fermentation. The subsequent heading to 15% vol. Propitiates the biological aging, which must be carried out entirely in wineries located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Being a product called “pasada en rama” conjugates two sonnets, one of them the freshness of a product twinned with its boot and another of the fineness and elegance of its pre-oxidative balance.


The very special microclimatic conditions favor the development of a flower veil and being a product with very peculiar organoleptic characteristics. This biological breeding extends over a period of three to four years and is made in American oak boots using the traditional system of criaderas and solera.

Pale yellow Intense nose, frank Notes of old woods, some touch of mown flowers and touches of nuts. Delicate memories to biological breeding. In the mouth in fleshy, very dry, with enough weight, excellent acidity and good tour with a slightly bitter end.
Maridaje with Mojama, Boquerones in Vinegar, Salted Cod Cold Soups (Ajo Blanco and Salmorejo), Sausages and Anchovies. Shushi, Vichyssoise, Ceviche and Tapenade.

Bodegas Barón has a deeply rooted tradition of almost 400 years together with the purest avant-garde, betting on image, quality and innovation.
Don José Rodríguez Carrasco and Don Juan Luís Rodríguez Carrasco are those who have continued the work of maintaining the winemaking tradition of almost four centuries of life, always in the vanguard as their father transmitted them. This is how they decide to immerse themselves and bet on a project that does not leave indifference, with the renewal of the image of their products, risking for the new and reaching new international markets. Together with this change of image that sees the light in 2014, the company bets on being present in events related to the wine and gastronomic world, to publicize and launch its products to the market.

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