Montecastro 2013, a red fruity with good balance and fresh finish.

Montecastro 2013 is a red wine made with fine Tinto and a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon (95% Tinto fino, 5% Cabernet sauvignon) from the vineyards located in Castrillo de Duero (Valladolid).

The whole area of ​​cultivation is of dry land and is in the municipal terms of Olmos and Castrillo de Duero. The area of ​​the plantation is a zone of páramo located to 923 meters of height, which turns it into a zone cooler. The land is a “light” and stony soil for the most part also having plots in areas of trough or hole with a bit more “strong” soil that causes that not all the vineyard works in the same way since the vigores and the potential is very different.
The process begins with a manual harvesting one hundred percent, in boxes of 12 kg. And shipped to the winery on the same day. We try to introduce the cold grape and if it is harvested with much heat the temperature of the grape is lowered, it is selected in table and despalilla an amount depending on the type of grape, since we are very interested the elaboration with raspón to introduce all the grape Whole in the deposits without pump, not to extract tannins of poor quality. The grape is cooled and we try to start the fermentation slowly with the native yeast that we are currently selecting, we make very soft traces to preserve the quality of the tannin at cold temperatures with relatively long macerations, enhancing the fruit and creating complexity.

The malolactic fermentation is natural and controlled with 10% of the wine in the barrel and 90% in the tank of concrete.

Traditional aging adapting the aging time to different types of wines, thus our generic wine is in 3 months in concrete deposit and 18 months in French oak barrels.

Bright ruby. Fruity and complex nose, undergrowth notes and mineral background. In the mouth it presents fruity, good balance, fresh finish and very persistent.


Montecastro Bodegas and Vineyards was born in 2000 when a group of friends and businessmen passionate about the drink of Bacchus decide to start their wine project.
The group was joined by the French winemaker Bertrand Erhard, who understood the philosophy of the project perfectly.

In 2002 they planted 27 hectares of vineyards in five different payments, the idea, make a wine from the ground from start to finish.
In 2012, Bodegas Hacienda Monasterio joins the shareholder of Montecastro, assuming all technical, wine and commercial management.
Carlos de la Fuente, close collaborator of Peter Sisseck since 1991 in the technical direction of Hacienda Monasterio, now assumes the oenological reins of Montecastro. In order to stay faithful to the original project to produce wines of quality and creativity to get the best of an exceptional vineyard.


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