ASTOBIZA 2016, a different txakolí with perfect acidity, long and floral.

Txacoli, white wine (90% Hondarrabi zuri, 10% Hondarrabi zuri zerratie)


From the blend of the two indigenous varieties, Hondarrabi zuri and Hondarribi zuri zerratie, the winery Astobiza presents a txakoli under the same name of the winery that stands out for its aromas of white fruit, stone fruit, citrus and a very subtle mineral point. Intense varietal aromas, with aniseed notes, of fennel, minerals and citrus peels. Mouth very citric and with a perfect acidity.
The vineyard is located in Finca Okendo Txakolina, in the southernmost area of the province of Alava, very close to the Bay of Biscay, nestled within the Izalde river valley on its hillside facing southwards.

The vines were planted between 1996 and 2004. The soil of cultivation has its origin in limestone rocks of clay texture, endowed with a great depth.
Selection by plots, vintage by hand in small boxes. A second selection is made on the table.
Cold destemming and maceration prior to soft pressing, static fermentation of the must, controlled temperature fermentation from 17 to 18ºC in stainless steel tanks of 5,000 and 10,000 liters capacity. Inert, stabilized and microfiltrated process.
Straw yellow color with green tones.
Nose of intense varietal aromas, with aniseed notes of fennel, minerals and citrus peels. Mouth very citric and with a perfect acidity. Long and floral, with a light souvenir of banana yogurt.

Ideal to combine with sashimi and sushi, little fish and cold seafood. For matching pairings, gorgonzola and cabrales cheeses are interesting.


Astobiza, Okendo Txakolina is a farm located in the municipality of Okondo (Álava), where there is currently a 10 hectare vineyard and a winery in the vineyard that was built in 2008.
The vineyard surrounding the winery was planted in 1996, focusing on the native Hondarrabi variety, with a majority of Hondarrabi Zuri (white) and a small part of other varieties, Hondarrabi Beltza (ink), Zerratie, Izkiriota.
Sustainable viticulture expresses to the maximum the values of the location, avoiding leaflessness thanks to the usual ventilation, and practicing the vegetal cover, without use of herbicides.
Astobiza is fortunate to have in her team of professionals with Ana Martín Onzain and Pepe Hidalgo Togores, great references in the sector.


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