Pino Doncel 12 Meses, balanced with a lot of volume and sweetness.

Red wine with aging, D.O.P Jumilla elaborated with a selection of the varieties Monastrell and Syrah (70% Monastrell, 30% Syrah).

The wine is aged for a minimum of 12 months in selected French and American oak barrels. It is a wine of high aromatic intensity, complex in the nose and balanced in the mouth, juicy and of great freshness, with a mature tannin that contributes much volume and sweetness, and a very long and persistent end.
Harvest from the first week of September until mid-October. Separate fermentation of each variety with temperatures between 19ºC and 25ºC. Aging for 12 months in French and American oak barrels.

Red granatum plywood of medium-high layer, garnet-transparent border with slightly bluish flashes. Good and abundant tear of slow fall that seems to want to dye the glass.
Nose of intense intensity to red and black fruit ripe (but not over ripening), balsamic-mentholates that give a lot of freshness, subtle dairy to yogurt of fruits of the forest, violet floral notes, laurel, spices, liquorice, herbaceous of mount, Vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, powerful roasted, soft roasted, low-cut, soups to truffle, mushrooms and eucalyptus.
Powerful but at the same time balsamic, fresh, fruity and very good volume, tasty, sweet and of remarkable density in the passage through the mouth. It is not perceived neither too warm nor alcoholic. The passage through the mouth is very pleasant, with a tannin somewhat astringent yet but, so pleasant that it seems already relatively polished and sweet.

Ideal to accompany with potent stews, rice and any type of meat, preferably kid, lamb or red meats.


Located in lands of immemorial wine tradition, Bodegas Bleda is a family business whose origins go back to 1902, when the Bleda family raises a prosperous business of wines and olive oils in Jumilla, although it is not until 1915 when the Bases of the current company.

The take-off of Bodegas Bleda takes place especially since Antonio Bleda García was at the head of the company, making it a pioneer in the bottling and exporting of Jumilla wines, something that until that moment was unthinkable in a region traditionally dedicated to the Bulk.


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