Quizás, a wine with sensations of a great discovery.

Red wine, produced by La Casa Maguila 100% Tinta de Toro, D.O Toro.

Grapes from old vines of the vineyard Teso del Águila. Yield of 800 kilograms per hectare. Selection of clusters in vineyard.


Vinification, mechanical destemming and selection of grapes in vibrating tape. It is covered with carbonic snow by lowering the temperature to 6 ° C and allowing the fermentation to start spontaneously. Malolactic fermentation in barrel.
Aged 20 months in French oak barrels, of which 80% were new and the rest used.

Cherry red with maroon edges. On the nose, ripe fruit aroma, wild herbs, earthy, spicy, balsamic. In the mouth balanced, tasty, long and balsamic.

We are faced with a balsamic wine both in the nose and mouth, with aromas of ripe fruit and a balanced, tasty and long taste. To taste and taste …
Pairing with white meats, red meats, traditional cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.


La Casa Maguila, redrawing the Tinta de Toro variety. This is one of the young wineries of Toro responsible for the revolution in favor of a wine that finds its typical fruit aromas.

Jesus Peña, its founder and alma mater, defends with passion that “the backbone of the wines of Maguila is the fruit and acidity of the grape that gives them softness, flavor and length”, and considers that this is “wealth” of the wine. On the contrary, the classic attributes of Toro wines, their “volume, balance and tannicity that contribute the structure”, are not in their list of priorities when elaborating their first three brands: Cachito Mío, Quizás y  Angelitos Negros.

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