“Pata de Gallina” Bota de Palo Cortado 72, ideal to drink slowly perceiving everything that comes to our senses.

100% Palomino Fino.


It comes wholly from vines belonging to the same coastal plot of San Lucar. White limestone wavy ground; Are the famous albarizas, spongy lands and very deep, with excellent capacity of retention of water and excellent physical conditions for the development of the vineyard of quality.


La Bota of Palo Cortado 72 “Pata de Gallina” has an oxidative origin. It comes from the selection that, more than five years ago, was made of the best boots that Juan Garcia Jarana maintained in oxidative aging. Some of the wine was bottled as La Bota de Palo Cortado 34 and the additional aging has been in this case for five years. The estimated average age of this wine is 30 years, which can give us an idea of the sensations that hides inside, ideal to drink slowly perceiving everything that comes to our senses.

Amber orange color, bright. In the nose it is fine, expressive and very complex, it combines aromas of odorous and amontillado with citrus notes of orange skin.
In the mouth is elegant and powerful, a stick cut from oxidative wines.
Ideal for slow tasting. Still, it can be perfectly accompanied by dishes from Southeast Asian, Thai, Japanese, etc.


The story of Equipo Navazos goes hand in hand with the passion shared by a large group of great lovers and connoisseurs of generous Andalusians. Specifically, and although they do not like to star, for the personal commitment of Eduardo Ojeda and Jesús Barquín.
The true merit of the extraordinary quality of the wines selected by Equipo Navazos is one of the generations of winemakers and winemakers created centuries ago and who have maintained and continue to maintain excellence in Andalusian winemaking. Especially in the landmarks of Jerez and Montilla, where the admirable wineries that house these treasures are located: Valdespino, La Guita, Pérez Barquero, King Fernando de Castilla, Sánchez Ayala, Páez Morilla, Gracia, Marqués del Real Tesoro, M. Gil Luque, among others.


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