Paixar, 100% Mencía, complex and full of minerality.

Red wine 100% Mencía, D.O. Bierzo. Produced by Luna Beberide Winery.


The purpose of this wine is to recover very old and tall vines, called “Paixares” in the local dialect, located on the slate slopes of a small village in the area of Dragonte. The elegance of the Mencía is based on the rusticity of the terroir of this area to deliver a red with a sweeping personality.
Pura Mencía of slopes located between 700 and 1000 meters of altitude, facing south. It comes from vineyards from 80 years of slate soils decomposed on mother rock.
Harvest done in late September and early October. Manual harvesting in small boxes. Maceration prefermentative in cold. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts.
Aging 22 months in French oak barrels and unfiltered bottling.

Red Black Chestnut. In the nose it presents complex, full of minerality with notes balsamic, of spices and smell of mount low. The mouth is long and enveloping, with excellent acidity, well ripe tannins and a dry and earthy finish. The wine shows all its personality given the rusticity of the terroir of the area of Dragonte. Pure Mencía elegant and fine.


Luna Beberide, 30 years after Bernardo Luna started the winemaking process and laid the foundations for what is now Beberide Moon, the second generation Beberide continues to lead the winery today.
The philosophy of this house is based on simplicity and quality, and for this they seek excellence based on the care and respect of each of the strains.
La Mencía has become strong and has convinced this project in such a way that currently in Luna Beberide the Young Mencía bears the name of the society and has launched different elaborations in barrels coming from the older strains of the property.


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