Flor de Muga, a wine that impresses from the first moment.

Rosé wine 100% garnacha, Flor de Muga is based on the elaboration by parcel selection. Plots of old garnachas aged between 70 and 90 years, around 700 meters high, the vines are placed in two types of terroirs ferro and clay lime.

The harvest is done manually, is a wine made from flower must, short maceration, which only takes advantage of 50%. The fermentation takes place in small wooden deposits, plot by plot. Due to the small size and production of some of the plots some plots must be fermented in deposits of 500 to 1,000 liters. Once the fermentation is carried out at low temperature, the fine lees are processed for a minimum of 4 months. Subsequently proceed to unification, stabilization and bottling.

Color onion skin, very pale pink with beautiful violet reflections, in the fashion line of the last pink of high range.
Complex wine that impresses from the first moment in the nose, we find an elegant, fresh and very delicate wine that lets us see a range, from notes of acid strawberry and peach, at the same time that we perceive a floral aroma to pink that captivates us, taking possession Of us once spent a few minutes in the glass.

A wine with a lot of volume and fat, rare in pinks, what coonfiere a comlejidad that, together with its minerality and a balanced acidity, make of this wine a unique wine.


Since ancient times the Muga family has been linked to viticulture. Already in 1870 Antonio and Baltasar Muga received an award for the quality of their wines from the then Ministry of Public Works.
But the origin of the current winery dates back to 1932, when winemaking began in a typical winery in the old part of Haro, the capital of the Rioja Alta. 40 years later, Isaac Muga Martinez bought a 19th century mansion in the emblematic Barrio de la Estación in that city. Soon after, in 1969, he died and his sons Manuel and Isaac, the ones in charge of taking the reins of the familiar business, to which today the children of these are incorporated.
In its about 25,000 square meters everything revolves around the oak. Bodegas Muga has four fermentation rooms with 90 wooden tubs whose capacities vary from 3,000 to 15,000 kilos of capacity. Thanks to this wide range of possibilities, grapes can be vinified individually according to their quality and vineyard of origin.
Bodegas Muga is one of the few Spanish wineries that has its own cooperage. Three coopers and a cubero are in charge of working the oak wood.


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