Juan Piernas, 100% monastrell well structured, powerful but elegant.

Red wine 100% Monastrell. Juan Piernas is a clear bet on the Monastrell variety in high-end wines. It is a wine from a single plot and a single variety in order to reflect the territory. This comes from the Finca known as Venta del Pino, located in the area of Bullas, vineyards of Monastrell over 40 years old that self-regulate in low yields, small clusters and loose.


The vinification of wine is carried out by gravity and the alcoholic fermentation is carried out in the barrels where it is aged for 7 months.
The barrels are French barrels that give it a fineness, elegance and complexity favoring its structure, it is a wine that is in contact with the wood from the beginning of the fermentation.
Garnet red wine, ripe fruit nose, touches of wood with chocolates and undergrowth.

In the mouth appears well structured, powerful but elegant, very elegant.

A winery that has been conceived for small craft productions and designed on a single floor. Where the wines are influenced by the process of gravity.
Jorge Piernas Bodegas and Vineyards is born of the respect and deep love that Juan Piernas instilled in his family for the wine.
In the 1940s, he became a prominent businessman in the sale, transport and distribution of wine. Although deep down, he always dreamed of bringing a value to this atavistic and complex world he loved so much; But he never gave in to those longings. Perhaps because of prudence, perhaps because of that respect, the issue is that he sowed a concern that in his heirs would finish fermenting.
Today it is his grandson, Jorge Piernas who assumes the weight of labeling the illusion of a family and the effort of two generations preparing and forming to offer that value with which Juan Legs dreamed. Completing his degree in oenology, Jorge completed his training in some of the most important wineries in the United States, Argentina and New Zealand, obtaining a complete experience that is nourished by tradition and the latest trends in winemaking and winemaking.
Having collaborated with three of the best wineries in the Mediterranean through technical management, today it consolidates its learning by launching its own production.

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