El Gordo del Circo, an affordable wine with great intensity and roundness.

White wine, 100% Verdejo of vineyards located in La Seca, inside the D.O. Rueda, and located at 700 meters of altitude.

Manual harvesting on the second week of Septiembr, on arrival at the winery, a cold maceration takes place to increase the aromatic extraction and later it is fermented in stainless steel for about 13 days at a controlled temperature around 14ºC. Aged for 4 months on their lees.

El Gordo del Circo is the name under which the Verdejo is hidden from the collection The Wine Gurus of Casa Rojo. Coming from vineyards located in La Seca, very close to the municipality of Rueda. There are old strains and the favorable soil provided by this grape and native yeasts, so important in the elaboration on lees of this singular white wine

Yellow-green color with golden highlights, clean and shiny. In the nose we are presented with a very high intensity, with the notes characteristic of the variety, notes of green fruits, pear, accompanied by slight tropical notes, like pineapple, while it has a background of freshly cut grass.

In the mouth it is the most surprising wine, because of its great intensity and roundness while having a very well integrated acidity. In aftertaste we find the same notes that we have in the nose, even with a slight memory of baking from breeding on thin lees.


Casa Rojo is a team of almost twenty professionals in love with wine. Among the different profiles that make up the team of this modern enological project born in 2011, there are oenologists, sommeliers and designers.
A group of professionals that make it possible to control the process of making a wine from the strain to the labeling of the bottles and its subsequent distribution by a total of 38 countries around the world. The project was born and continues to have its roots in the Region of Murcia, specifically within the D.O. Jumilla.
In 2012, the first wine of its range The Wines Gurus, a collection of affordable wines from seven D.O. Different and under a casual aesthetic specially designed for the younger audience and seeking their first contacts with the world of wine.


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