Barbadillo Nude, a spectacular journey of sensations in our mouth

Red wine 100% Tintilla de Rota produced by Bodegas Barbadillo.

Viñas owned by Bodegas Barbadillo planted on top quality albariza floors. Red without aging in which it is tried to offer the maximum expression of the variety, without the own dresses of the aging. From the winery, they believe that working with variety – which has begun to take its first steps in the last years – requires experimentation, to offer the best possible result among the proposals devised by the different processors.
The proposal of the winery is to offer the amateur the possibility of discovering the tintilla with the least possible intervention both in winemaking and in aging.

High layer and violet edging showing his youth. It is very expressive in nose with predominance of fruity notes and vanilla. The mouth is pleasant, subtly tannic and fresh with a ripe fruit aftertaste. It is incredible what this wine expresses in the few seconds that travels through our mouth.


Barbadillo is south and is sea. It is Cadiz and it is west wind.
It is Sanlúcar and it is tradition. It is a hundred year old winery and it is future.

Its history goes back to 1821, the year in which it began to make chamomile. Since then, Barbadillo has not stopped evolving always looking for wines that surprise and leave a mark.

Unique wines born of the perfect blend between the soul of an incredible land, the albariza, and the heart of our winemakers. Professional experts who put the wisdom of a life at the service of creation and innovation.
With 500 hectares of its own vineyard, 17 aging wineries in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and a vinification plant of white grapes and inks, Bodegas Barbadillo is one of the largest wineries in the Marco de Jerez.


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