Lindes de Remelluri Viñedos de Labastida, a direct homage to the work of the numerous families who historically supplied grapes to this winery.

Wine made by La Granja de Remelluri with the Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano varieties, coming from low limestone terraces, of a clay-calcareous nature, with a mother rock that blossoms by areas. These terraces are mostly made up of sandstones and marls.
Manual harvest in boxes of 15 kilograms. The grapes are despalillan and macerated later. The must ferment at controlled temperature with native yeasts.
Aging for approximately 10 months in French oak barrels.


Cherry cherry color.Fruit black and red (plums and cherries), toasted, spicy memories and balsamic finish. Round and balanced, sweet and silky tannins. Tasty bitterness. Perfect combination with Iberian Presa with boletus and serena cake, chicken in pepitoria or stuffed pork handyman.

imagesA wine that has been born to reflect the diversity of the vineyards of its people and the work of winemakers. The plots bordering the properties of the Remelluri estate belong to two of the most interesting wine-producing municipalities of La Rioja: Labastida and San Vicente de la Sonsierra. It is not a second wine, this exclusive wine is an initiative of the great Telmo Rodríguez to pay a direct homage to the work of the numerous families who historically supplied grapes to the estate and which are the origin of many of the great historical wines of Rioja .

Those who know Remelluri well often say that the origin of the Farm is lost in the night of time. A necropolis in the center of the farm testifies to this.
The crops of the farm, protected from the wind and frost, enjoy an exceptional microclimate. In its surroundings, vestiges of prehistoric, Roman, Visigothic, Arab and finally medieval populations, speak to us of an agricultural activity from remote times. And so many milestones and years elapse until in 1967 Jaime Rodríguez Salis and Amaya Hernandorena acquire the estate. Since then, the Farm of Our Lady of Remelluri has been recovering its ancient lands, currently counting 154 hectares, 105 of which constitute a restored vineyard, origin of Remelluri wines.
The vineyard gathers 200 plots of an average of 0.6 hectares of surface distributed in three small valleys at the foot of the mount Toloño and a spectacular limestone block of 1272 meters of height that protects the property of the Atlantic storms. In its skirts, from the 800 meters of height, the forests of oaks are fused with the first vineyards. This situation of climatic limit favors a soft and late maturation of the grape.


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