Tilenus Pieros 2002, The mencía at maximum expression.

Red wine 100% Mencía (D.O Bierzo), grapes from a singular plot located at the top of the hill of Pieros, with a steep slope, facing south and at an altitude of between 600 meters and 800 meters above sea level.

Manual Harvest, in perforated boxes of 10 kilos. Vinification 20% of the grape fermented with stem. Fermentation in fudres (trunk-conical wooden deposits.
It ages from 18 to 22 months in French oak barrels.
Bottling Unfiltered and unclarified. It passes from 5 to 6 years in bottle in warehouse before its commercialization.

Dark berry. Nose of ripe fruit and black fruit, very expressive. Very concentrated in the mouth, with a lot of volume, body and structure, velvety texture. Consumption in optimum conservation conditions can be stored until the next 5-10 years.

The special edition Tilenus Pieros 2002 consists of a limited edition of 262 numbered bottles, with a unique label for this occasion. The Pieros vineyard is a kind of small trough with half of the vineyard on the north face and the other on the south side, although its most peculiarity lies in an exceptionally sandy soil where mencía strains of more than 100 years live comfortably.

Bodegas Estefanía, an old milk factory recovered as a winery.
The Tilenus project was born in 1999, when the Frías family decided to recover an old milk factory located in the hamlet of Dehesas in León, to house their winery.

Tilenus started from the beginning with the philosophy of producing manovarietal wines with personality that were capable of transmitting the essence of the old vineyards of Bierzo. To do this, we worked with a series of vine growers to establish quality parameters while also performing a slow and complex recovery work in the vineyard.


At the moment the winery belongs to the group MGWines Group, in the philosophy of this group it emphasizes the effort to rescue zones and varieties of grapes that in many cases are even unknown by the great public, reason why that the project of Tilenus adapts perfectly to its DNA. Currently the wine cellar is Carlos García and the oenologist and technical director is Raúl Pérez, who is responsible for supervising the evolution of wines and determining the optimum moment of balance in them.

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