30.000 Maravedíes, Tasty and balanced, with a long and enveloping finish.

Red wine 90% Garnacha y 10% Morenillo produced by Bodegas Marañones. (Vinos de Madrid).

Thirty thousand Maravedíes is the price paid by Don Álvaro de Luna for the purchase of the Señorío de San Martín de Valdeiglesias from the friars of the convent of Santa María. It is also the Marañones region wine, a fresh red, sweet, that is made with scrape and stepped on foot. The Garnacha is accompanied by a small percentage of Morenillo (native variety that could resemble the Syrah) that provides structure.

Garnacha from 4 plots: Dehesa, Vista Alegre, Manzanillo and Marañones. Altitude 650/800 meters. Morenillo of three small plots.Viñedos of ages between 30 and 70 years.
Very weathered granite soil. Sandy texture. Soils fresh, deep and rich in organic matter. For La Morenillo, soil is very sandy, degraded, very poor in organic matter.
Climate, dry Mediterranean. The summers are hot and the winters long and cold, tempered by being protected from the north winds. With great thermal difference between the day and the night given the orography and the altitude.
Hand harvested in boxes of 18 kilos. Maceration prefermentative in cold. Fermentation in wooden tanks of 3,000 and 4,500 liters. Native yeasts. Partially destemmed. Pigeage. Discover new and used French oak barrels of between 300 and 500 liters and wooden barrels of 45hl. Malolactic in barrels.

Aging with its own lees in barrel of 8 months. Aging of the assembly in wood tarp of 4,500 liters during 2 months.

Ruby red low-middle layer, nice and shiny. In the nose we appreciate ripe red fruit with balsamic and spice notes. Sweet and fresh. Tasty and balanced, with a long and enveloping finish. Wine with a remarkable evolution for the next 5 years, ideal for tapas and sausages.

The winery Marañones was born from the connection of two people and their way of understanding the countryside and viticulture. Fernando García Alonso, from Madrid, an agronomist and winemaker, and J. Fernando Cornejo, owner of the winery and vineyards. Together they have established a philosophy of elaboration that seeks to convey all that subtle mixture of nuances derived from the characteristics of the soil, the climate, the vineyards, the processes of elaboration and their way of being and of realizing them.

Mostly it is an area where Grenache predominates, but also a small percentage of Morenillo. As for white, the Royal Albillo, an autochthonous variety of the area that springs very soon, up to a month before Garnacha.


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