M2 de Matallana, allows to express all the nobility of the Tinto Fino variety.

Telmo Rodríguez pursues the ideal maturity that allows to express all the nobility of the Tinto Fino variety in  Ribera de Duero.


Simple and elegant oenology, faithful reflection of the maturity of Telmo Rodriguez that is clearly manifested in this wine.
100% Tinto fino from the places Los Guijarros, Los Hundidos, Carrahoyales, Los Apriscales and La Pirileja. 9 hectares of own vineyards worked in ecological certification process and 11 hectares of vineyards of suppliers working under the traditional reasoned viticulture. Of limestone soils and fluvial terraces.
The harvest is made by hand 100% and grape selection in the field. Fermentation with native yeasts in stainless steel tanks and wooden tubs.
Aging 14 months in French oak barrels. 50% new and 50% of a wine.
Dark cherry. Nose of spicy, fruity, toasted touches and nuts. Powerful, fleshy and spicy mouth. Stylish woody.

The palate also shows some earthy tannins and moderate acidity, quite fine.


In 1994, Telmo Rodríguez, after graduating in winemaking in Bordeaux and graduating from the Remelluri family winery, produced a wine from old vines in Navarre.
That wine he created next to Pablo Eguzkiza and a third winemaker was named Alma. Thus begins the project, which in its origins was called the Company of Wines of La Granja. A name that was all a declaration of intentions: it was clear that the company would make more wines and that there was a tribute to La Granja, the famous glass factory, witness of an exceptional Spanish handicraft, now almost disappeared.
Since its inception, the main argument of the Telmo Rodríguez Wine Company is the use of only native varieties of original areas. This philosophy contrasts then with the boom of the implantation of foreign varieties, practically in the whole Spanish vineyard.



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