Granbazán Limousin, a good balance between the aromas provided by the barrels and the fruit.

100% Albariño, D.O. Rías Baixas.


The project of this wine began in the late 80’s, when the first experiments with French oak barrels began. During the last harvests, the technique has been refined until a wine with a perfect balance between wood and fruit. The grapes come from the highest part of the estate of Tremoedo, with very low yields, where they have been pruned in green, leafless and long macerations of the musts to increase the life of this wine.


The result is a good balance between the aromas provided by the barrels and the fruit. The production is very limited and occurs only in years of excellent harvest. Between the aromas we emphasize the aromatic herbs, the spices, the fruits of bone and light smoked ones. Its passage through the mouth is fatty, with fine, creamy tannins.
The grapes were carefully harvested by hand with a selection of fruit in a vineyard and in a selection table in a cellar, destemmed, followed by a cooling of the vintage paste, below 9ºC, and macerated for a minimum of 8 hours with Increase the phenolic load. The flower must, obtained only with the force of gravity, fermented for 10 days in stainless steel tanks below 20 ° C. Before finishing the alcoholic fermentation, the oak barrels were filled to finish the alcoholic fermentation.
Once this was completed, the barrels were emptied, the lees removed, and refilled. The upbringing lasted 6 months, on its fine lees with periodical battonage 2 times per week.

Yellow straw with a greenish hue, clean and shiny. Nose of medium-high intensity, highlighting aromatic herbs, bay leaf, peppermint, balsamic, cumin, nutmeg, stone fruits, with light smoked. Vanilla and mineral.
Fresh acidity, oily, fine and creamy tannins, dry. Retronasal long.
Optimum consumption from the moment of purchase and up to 5 years later.


In 1965 Manuel Otero y Otero buys a farm in Cambados. To the pines and eucalyptus vineyards were added many years later. Concretely of the albariña (as it is called the Albariño in the zone) with which one day dreamed this man.
In year 79 Manuel Otero Candeira takes the relay and decides to set in motion the dream of his father. The family farm was preparing to host a vineyard that would be planted with a selection of the best strains of Albariño from all over Galicia.
The company was founded as Agro de Bazán, the surname of a noble family from Cambados. It happened in 1980 and was not until 1989 when the first bottles were marketed under the brand Granbazán.
Since 2015 the general direction of Jesús Álvarez Otero has been consolidated, consolidating the expansion of this family company in the international markets (its wines are in more than 25 countries in four continents).


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