Laventura, elegant and very interesting orange wine.

100% Malvasía, D.O. Rioja produced by Laventura Wines.


Unique vineyard in height located at the foot of the Sierra de Cantabria, in the town of Leza. With an average of 40 years. Fresh climate that helps the grapes have a long period of ripening until they reach a golden reddish color. The objective was not to produce a very extreme ‘orange’ wine, but looking only for an oxidative touch in absence of oak.


Byran MacRobert, responsible for this project, defines this wine as “an experiment that has worked well”. It comes from a strange and peculiar vineyard whose fruits take a couple of weeks to ripen more than usual. Its elaboration is also quite original, since it is made with the philosophy as if it were a red, macerating with the skins for almost a month and being raised in an ellipse or concrete egg for a year without addiction of sulfurous. A saline wine, with an oxidative profile and notes of quince, peach and roasted apple, pure compote on the palate. More than exclusive production, just over 700 bottles have been produced in this vintage.

We find fruit with touches of oxidation of apple and quince accompanied by sweet notes of honey. An interesting mix of aromas on the palate, from ginger to cider backed by a great natural acidity and touches of green grass. Salino, with structure and a very persistent finish. Elegant and very interesting orange wine. Optimum until 2020. This is a wine that does not change after having the bottle open for a couple of days because it is stable against oxidation.
Laventura is the Riojan project of the young South African winemaker Bryan MacRobert. To carry it out, Bryan uses 1.5 hectares of vineyard and grapes purchased from trusted growers.
After meeting the other winemaker Clara Canals, Bryan moved to La Rioja in 2013 in order to take full advantage of the region’s great wine diversity. That is why it was associated with the young designers of the Rioja’n Roll project.
Bryan currently alternates his project in Rioja with South African winemaking through his small company Bryan MacRobert Wines CC. In both projects, his focus is mainly on the quality of the vineyard, which Bryan cultivates through totally ecological practices.


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