Barco del Corneta, an unctuous and fresh wine, a new Verdejo.

100% Verdejo, Barco del corneta 2016 is an intense and delicious wine. The aromas of its aging in barrel are perfectly integrated with the notes of fresh fruit and memories to freshly cut grass own of the Verdejo. It is an unctuous and fresh wine at the same time whose complexity will not leave you indifferent.

Made with vineyards located in La Seca, managed in an ecological system and at 750 meters of altitude.
The harvest is done by hand, in boxes of 10 kilos and the grape is taken to winery where the bunches are selected. Macerate for 12 – 24 hours, scraped and allowed to decant naturally for about 24 hours to remove thick lees. After that, the must is transferred to the barrels where the alcoholic fermentation is carried out spontaneously, with native yeasts.

When the alcoholic fermentation ends, the wine is raised on its lees in French oak barrels of 300 liters for 8 months.
Clarified and filtered smoothly before bottling. Without stabilizing by cold to respect as much as possible the identity of the wine. For this reason a natural precipitate can appear that does not affect the taste of the wine.

Intense yellow with golden highlights. Aromas with mature mango, lychees with lactic background, cashew nuts, soups of butter. The aromas of nose are also perceived in the mouth, with some nuts and butter. Very mineral. Tasty, salty and sweet at the same time, full of nuances and balanced at the same time.
Perfect to share with fruit salad and vinaigrette, rice with foie and cod in green sauce among other recipes.

Bodegas Barco del Corneta is the project of Beatriz Herranz who remembers from the childhood the vineyard of his grandfather, whom he did not know. A vineyard in Cantarranas that many years later would inherit his mother and take her back to La Seca.
The project is small, careful, very personal. The philosophy of Beatriz is based on delivering a version of the Verdejo far removed from the prevailing homogenization in the area. Its wines are made on the margins of the DO Rueda, although the vineyards of the Cantalarrana area are located in La Seca.
First was born Barco del Corneta, the Verdejo from the family vineyards in Cantalarrana. Barco del Corneta is the name of a pine forest located in that vineyard, the same of his childhood memories. In 2013 already with a consolidated project, it decides to elaborate a Verdejo of greater production, is its regional wine Cucú, that nourishes of vineyards located in La Seca and in Aldeanueva of the Codonal (Segovia), a young wine but with all the essence of its philosophy.


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