Manyetes, a wine of a great balance, represents the spirit of the Priorat to perfection.

Red wine 100% Cariñena, D.O. Priorat.
Manyetes is the name of a place of Gratallops. A particularly poor part of its terroir, too sunny and exposed to great dryness, to the limit of survival, so this wine is the clear result of an exciting challenge.

A wine of great balance, concentration, freshness, the maturity of the tannins, and the fineness and elegance, everything is perfectly matched.
The grapes come from Finca las Manyetes, 10 hectares of vineyard located at 350 meters of altitude, with southern exposure; On an area constituted only by “licorella” (degraded slate) with little soil, in the warmest area of the vineyard.

The harvest is manual and is expected at the time of optimal phenolic maturity to harvest the harvest. It is transported quickly to the cellar in boxes of 10 kilograms.
In winemaking the fermentation is from a spontaneous stand of vat, respecting the native yeast of the area. They are made up and “pigeage” in order to obtain an optimal extraction. The evolution of the process is monitored daily, and the temperature is monitored not to exceed excessive limits. This process is carried out in fudres or in open barrels of 300 liters. Maceration is long (4 to 5 weeks). The flower wine is separated from the pressing, and the malolactic fermentation is expected to start.

Aging of 22 months in fudres of 2300 liters.


Cherry wine very intense. Its aroma, intense and complex, is endowed with a surprising depth. Subtle and absorbent, it initially evokes clear notes of ripe fruit (plums, currants, …) all surrounded by a balsamic background.
In the mouth it is initially unctuous, fresh and full of fruit. Its abundant and ripe tannin is velvety on the palate.

Optimum consumption now and up to 2026 in optimum conservation conditions. Perfect for combining with legumes, stews and small game.

Clos Mogador is defined by René Barbier as “wild”. It is a farm of 20 hectares where you do not start a single weed, full of biodiversity, where 100 year old vineyards coexist with 20, 12, and even newly planted vineyards a few meters from the centenaries.
It should be noted that after years of work, René Barbier obtained that Clos Mogador obtained the qualification like wine of finca, a category similar to the wines of payment but inscribed within Denomination of Origin.
The Finca de Vinya de Manyetes is also located in the heart of Priorat, in the town of Gratallops and in the most extreme terroir of the region. It is subject to very harsh climatic conditions, and there are its old strains of Cariñena and Grenache, which show all its typicality thanks to the know-how and experience of René in the direction of the viticulture process.


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