La Bicicleta Voladora, discover a new concept of Rioja.

Germán R. Blanco is one of those winemakers who fascinate everyone. To his projects of Quinta Milú in Ribera Del Duero, Casa Aurora and San Esteban, both in the Bierzo, now adds a new adventure in La Rioja.


La Bicicleta Voladora is this new wine made in the Navarra part of La Rioja, in a cellar rented in the municipality of San Adrián. There, along with Javier Colio makes a wine based on Tempranillo and Viura. It is a young wine, without aging in wood and made according to the organic viticulture and with a minimum intervention in cellar.
Fermentation is done in cement tanks and breeding in cement and Flextank eggs.
It is simple, the aging is guided evolution. There is not only the aging in wood. We look for containers that micro-oxygenate without giving flavor and play a lot with the forms of the deposits because they affect much the movement of liquids …

We look for an aging without flavor to wood; Recover ways to work and use what you have at your fingertips looking for fluid and vertical wines. The vine in this coupage gives acidity naturally in an area where it does not abound and very interesting aromas.
The work in the field of these strains is very traditional, intervening the minimum and letting the grapes express what they have inside.


La Bicicleta Voladora is made of Tempranillo and Viura, the most common white variety in the area, with 7 months of aging in concrete tanks and flextank eggs.
It is a very versatile wine, to drink only, with starters or light dishes.

Light wine with little extraction of color, maroon with purple reflections.
The nose is very aromatic, fresh red fruit mixed with floral notes … over time and oxygenation will remind you of the candy apples of the fair.
In the mouth you will discover a fresh, fruity wine with good acidity.

You will be surprised and dismantled any mental scheme that until now you have related with this denomination. The flying bicycle will discover a new concept of Rioja.

Germán R. Blanco (8)

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  1. Really interesting read – thanks for sharing!


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