Garnata, no comments, just enjoy it…a spectacular wine.

100% Grenache, another red wine from the winery Barranco Oscuro, with an exemplary treatment of the vineyard in a natural way. Wine from the vineyards of Cerro Las Monjas with production between 500 and 750 grams per plant. Strains planted in the 80’s between 1983 and 1989. Slatey shale soils, very poor at an altitude between 1300 and 1368 meters.


Harvesting manual making the necessary passes to collect with a good degree of maturity, rigorously selecting the best and best quality grape.
Maceration of the destemmed grapes in stainless steel tank with manual bazuqueo. The alcoholic fermentation occurs spontaneously with the native yeasts present in the medium, without any addition. There is no manipulation of the fermentation temperature. Malolactic also occurs naturally during the aging period in a barrel in an underground cellar.

Aging, 18 months in Burgundian French oak barrels Vosges, Limousin and Central forests with 36 and 24 months of drying, which facilitate the evolution of the wine without masking its natural organoleptic characteristics.

Well presented, beautiful and elegant Grenache. In nose are present aromas of blackberries, resins, cloves and cinnamon, a sharp, serious, armed acidity in the mouth with a tasty fruity, enveloping, fresh … until the end. A spectacular wine.


Manuel Valenzuela is responsible for this project, who at 70 years of age continues to lead a project that is more than just making wines.Barranco Oscuro takes its name from a ravine located at the foot of its wine cellar, A wonderful natural setting. Manuel came here in the 80s.
When in Spain there was no mention of natural-biodynamic wines or whatever you call this type of wine, this man started to elaborate them from his knowledge, his enthusiasm and his commitment. He liked the wine and wanted to, but did not choose the usual way.

Manuel Valenzuela - Cortijo Barranco Oscuro

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