Petit Pittacum, pure Atlantic expression, flowing and greedy at the same time.

Red wine 100% Mencía. Petit Pittacum is the wine of perhaps the winery that better know to reflect the character of the wines of the Bierzo.

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It comes from clayey, fresher soils, with vines grown on steep slopes facing east and north. It is these places that Petit Pittacum seeks to show, pure Atlantic expression, flowing and greedy at the same time.
Made from small plots of centuries-old vineyards distributed over the mountainous belt that makes up the vineyard Bierzo.

The grape is collected in small boxes of 12 kilos. Harvest done in autumn.
Clusters selected one by one on selection table. It is despalilla and without squeezing it is taken to deposits of stainless steel where they ferment for 15 days to 25 degrees, in this time they are bazuquean and they go back slightly to make a selective extraction.
Aged for 3 months in barrels and bottled in February.

Wine rosaceous, nose elegant with aromas of red fruits, sweet and smooth mouth with wood well integrated and present in the background.
Perfect to maridar with traditional stews of legumes, poultry, rice, octopus, blue fish, slaw, stewed mushrooms.
Vineyards and Bodegas Pittacum began its career in 1999 in Arganza del Bierzo, a town of great wine tradition immersed in a natural spot of the Bercian region.

They own 5 hectares of excellent old vineyards. For the elaboration of the Pittacum they have leased vineyards in agreements with vine growers of the different zones of the Bierzo, in which they follow up throughout the year. They choose only old vines from 50 to 110 years old, located on poor soils and with adequate yields.
The project is supported, as not, in the variety Mencía, with planting densities ranging from 4000 to 4500 strains per hectare, thus achieving a medium vigor and adequate balance with the low yields of each strain.

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