La Ola del Melillero, “Suggestive, surprising and innovative”.

The Ola del Melillero is the name of the first dry white wine “tranquilo” that launches to the market the Málaga winery Victoria Ordóñez and for whose elaboration has been used Pedro Ximénez de los Montes de Málaga grape, an indigenous variety in disuse for almost two centuries.


For the recovery of this grape was carried out a “long task of research and location kilometer to kilometer of this variety in the hills of Malga,” these vineyards are old and almost residual. In addition, different varieties were mixed in the same vineyard, so they had to make a careful selection. “The wine that made international fame to Malaga was Pedro Ximénez de los Montes, which was dry mostly in its beginnings. Where this wine is a view through history, a return to the concept of the development and pioneering character of the area.

That’s why La Ola del Melillero is a completely different wine than what the consumer can find on the market today, “Suggestive, surprising and innovative”.

Brings together “elegance and freshness, thanks to the majority presence of the variety Pedro Ximénez (70 %), assembled with the Moscatel grape of the region of the Axarquía (30 %), giving the wine sweetness and frankness.
The wine has a delicate nose of white flowers, with an acidity very integrated with the fruit, freshness, balance, and at the same time, complexity, roundness and unctuousness from the fermentation and aging in the barrel on French oak and contact with fine lees for eight months.

Regarding the name chosen to baptize it, La Ola del Melillero is a term that refers to the sudden and ephemeral rise of sea level on the beaches of the capital of Malaga because of the arrival at the port of the high speed vessel that makes the route Sea Malaga-Melilla.

The winery Victoria Ordóñez began its journey with the harvest of 2015, an experimental harvest that has allowed it to produce about 10,000 bottles of La Ola del Melillero that will practically stayed in Andalusia.

The philosophy of the winery Victoria Ordóñez is to produce “quality wines from Malaga varieties innovating both in winemaking styles and in the recovery of a historic and now almost extinct wine-growing area”.

victoria ordoñez vo


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