Amaya Arzuaga Colección, a bit disconcerting, but otherwise quite attractive.

Red wine 95% Tempranillo, 5% Albillo (D.O Ribera de Duero)

Sophistication and style made wine, this is the Amaya Arzuaga Collection. The prestigious Spanish designer, daughter of Florentino Arzuaga (owner of the Arzuaga Navarro winery) puts in every vintage all her creativity in the label design of the bottle. Inside we find an aromatic fan that takes you with imagination to the riverside fields.

descarga (60)

This wine comes from very old, centenarian, pre-phylloic vineyards, located in two distinct but complementary soil plots: the soil that gives more structure and color to the wine is located on an east-west slope. When the grape reached its optimum state of maturity, a pre-selection was made in the vine, which was later harvested in boxes of 10 kilograms.
In the cellar it was re-selected to conceal it with its own scrape in a French oak tub of 5800 liters, where a daily treading was carried out for 6 days, before the alcoholic fermentation. Once the alcoholic fermentation was started in conjunction with the treading of the clusters, the timely racking was carried out.
After 20 days of stay the wine was discovered and introduced in 15 new French oak barrels from different forests to achieve the aromatic complexity that characterizes it; The stay in barrel lasted 20 months, when it was bottled.

Wine balanced in elegance and power, with sophisticated tannins, good freshness and great acidity, all that is asked of a great wine from Ribera de Duero.

Clean, bright, with high intensity, ruby red with cherry nuances.
Intense aromatic complexity, subtle memories to flowers of acacia and violets. With a strong character of fruits of bone, ripe red fruits and blacks. The notes of leather, nuts and spices make the first sensations more complex.

The nose of the 2011 Amaya Arzuaga is always different. Floral and showy, and in this ripe vintage there is a mineral, diesel-like note that is a bit disconcerting, but otherwise quite attractive.
Unctuous, velvety and tasty. With an elegant step and a great persistence. In retronasal we return to remember the great aromatic complexity that we perceived in the olfactory phase. Optimal consumption until 2021.


Arzuaga Navarro was founded in the early nineties and is located in Quintanilla de Onésimo (Valladolid), in the middle of the Golden Mile of the Ribera del Duero. Besides the honor of being one of the first wineries of the D.O. Ribera del Duero to reach the million bottles of production, the recognition of being a pioneer in the world of wine tourism in Spain, something that began to develop already in the second half of the decade of 90. At the moment it has in the same facilities of the Wine cellar of a five star hotel with a complete offer of spa and oenotherapy.

Bodegas Hotel Arzuaga-Navarro

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