Portú, a modern red from Jumilla.

Portú is a modern red from Jumilla made by Bodegas Luzón. 80% Monastrell, 20% Cabernet sauvignon.


It is rich, powerful structure, sweet to the touch, tasty, result of the best fruit selected. With 18 months of aging in a mostly French barrel, it is interpreted as an elegant version of the Monastrell well wrapped by Cabernet sauvignon, which adds structure to the whole.

This top wine from the Luzon Winery defines the Monastrell from a new point of view
The grape used by Portú comes from vineyards about 50 years old that are situated at about 650 meters of altitude. The production of the same is low, fact that causes that the amount of grapes collected is relatively little but, on the other hand, ensures that this one is of great quality, when transmitting better the sensations of the terroir.

The harvest is done manually and for the transportation of the bunches to the cellar, small boxes of between ten and fifteen kilos of capacity are used to prevent the grapes from breaking and fermenting earlier than desirable. Already at the selection table, the Portu grape is chosen with great care before proceeding to the stages of wine-making and vinification.

The obtained wort is fermented at a controlled temperature between 28º and 30º for a period of ten days. In the next stage of maceration, Portu stays in contact with its skins during a period that is understood between the ten and the fifteen days.

Ultimately, before being bottled, Portú performs a long aging of 18 months in French and American oak barrels.

Color red cherry opaque ripe marigold. In the nose is fruity, stand out aromas of ripe red fruit, spicy, fine cocoa and toasted wood. Very good structure in the mouth, concentrated, tasty, with ripe and sweet tannins. Long wine, kind and persistent. Consumption now and during the next 7 years in optimum conservation conditions. Pairing red meats, big game, cold meats, sirloin with foie and black truffle sauce or lamina, goose, roasted lamb, Iberian sausages, various stews, blue cheese, cured cheeses of sheep and goats.


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