Clos Nelin, pure poetry of the senses.

Nelin is a white wine concept of soul mates (Garnacha blanca, Macabeo y Escanyavelles). It represents the balance between the feminine and the masculine in the splendor of youth. Pure poetry of and by the senses.


Born in the Priorat by the hand of one of the great revolutionaries of the area, René Barbier. It is the harmony of the terroir of Priorato.
Its base Garnacha white brings sensations of spice and quince and Macabeo brings a note of freshness. The fermentation with skins, inspired by the old “brisats”, provide a very different mouth in this white. Wine of great structure and great capacity of aging.

Made from the Garnacha blanca, Macabeo from the Clos Mogador Finca, from the Priorat, 80 years old, with a yield of a maximum of 2 deciliters per square meter. Once harvested, the grains harvested are classified Hand, one by one, before moving to a vertical manual press more than a century old, recovered from an old cellar. It initiates the vinification with the fermentation, that is realized in tubs of cement and wood (but not of stainless steel). In aging, it uses careful aging methods on lees for 16 months in fine-grained French oak barrels.


Intense gold color. Aromatic intensity with unusual complexity. Floral notes, and fruit (quinces and citrus), is increasingly sweetened and becomes warmer, pastries, nuts, cinnamon, butters, toffes. Creamy, elegant, unctuous, long, remarkable acidity still, a lot of complexity, aftertaste like toasted nuts.

The Priorat is not an easy territory, it does not have the grandeur the spectacularity of other landscapes, but its slate floor has a special value that captivates you. When a group of well-known winegrowers decided to settle in Catalonia, they knew that recovering the vineyards that were to be found would not be an easy task. However, its vineyard sacks and villages hanging from the terraces in the sierra were enough reason for the prestigious French winemaker Rene Barbier to decide to buy the vineyard Clos Mogador de Gratallops in the year 2000.


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