El Aprendiz, a flower grows on the vines. Prieto Picudo call her.

Red wine made 100% with the unique and native variety Prieto Picudo in the southern region of the province of León, with an aging of 3 months in American and French oak barrels of fourth and fifth use.


Count the Legend of the Moor
That among the mist,
A flower grows on the vines.
Prieto Picudo call her.

Unknown, humble and honest
That as its people,
Forge legend,
Legend of singularity and prowess.

El Aprendiz is the latest addition to the red wine family of Leyenda del Páramo. It is a wine very easy to take, and it wants to look like his older brothers, “El Médico” and “El Musico”.It is also a very exclusive wine like his brothers.

Cold premaceration for 72h in stainless steel tanks at 8ºC. Alcoholic fermentation for 10-12 days at 28ºC. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tank

Aging in third and fourth use barrels for 3 months. 50% French oak (Allier), 50% American oak (Missouri). Method of clarification with vegetable gelatin and bentonite.No cold stabilization.

At sight it presents a beautiful garnet red dress intense, clean and bright. In the nose are present the ripe red fruits with backgrounds of noble woods and spices. In the mouth it is dry, fresh, velvety, balanced and persistent. Easy to drink and enjoyable to pair with just about any dish.


To understand the project, it is necessary to talk about Pedro, Pedro González Mittelbrunn, one of the founding partners and promoter of Leyenda del Páramo.

He is and has been a key element in the recovery of the Prieto Picudo, a local variety (centennial, unique and autochthonous) almost forgotten. First as a defender of the variety within the appellation of origin, then as technical director in one of the main wineries in León and now, at the head of the development of Leyenda del Páramo.
Pedro lit the fuse of this adventure in 2009, he produced the first harvest of Leyenda del Páramo alone and thus advanced the birth of the winery.


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