Nº2 VICTORIA 2015, an exotic, moderately sweet wine of Malaga.

Sweet white wine 100% “Moscatel de Alejandría” of Malaga.

Victoria is a selection of the best vineyards of more than 50 years old, located in the peaks of the mountains of the Axarquía. It is a white “naturally sweet”, since its alcohol comes only from the fermentation of the grape and has not been headed. Perfectly blended with fatty foods like foie gras and cheese and is also a perfect accompaniment to ice cream and desserts.

It takes 7 kilos of grapes to produce a bottle of only 37.5 centiliters and is the record of being the only Spanish wine that has been present to date at the Nobel Prize celebration banquet in the City of Stockholm, and This happened in the year 2012 when the Chinese writer MO Yan stood as Nobel Prize for Literature almost nothing …

Monte vineyard without terrace, with slopes of up to 70%. Cultivation manual, organic, with minimal human intervention. Most of the vineyards are untreated. The compost is natural, coming from the sheep hut of the region.

Vineyards planted between 1918 and 1930. Yield, between 800 and 900 kilograms per hectare.
Extreme and heroic harvest, is carried out with mules during the month of September. The grapes are then collected in boxes of 10 kilograms.Fermentation in stainless steel tanks with wild yeast. Aging natural drying with the warm sea breeze. Natural clarification in tank.

Golden Colour. Fresh, intense, with exotic aromas and notes of mineralidad. Tasty, sweet, fresh, fruity, good acidity, long drink. Recommended consumption temperature 6ºC. Optimum consumption during the next two years.

The wine is a gorgeous, honeyed, exotic, moderately sweet wine with fabulous acidity and plenty of floral notes.

Bodegas and vineyards Botani was established in 2004 in Almáchar, becoming the first winery in this town of Axarquía, given that the traditional destination of its grapes had been the production of pasas.La winery is the result of the collaboration between Jorge Ordóñez, Who was born and raised in Malaga, and Alois Kracher, famous Austrian winemaker known for his sweet wines. Jorge’s dream was to revitalize the wine industry in his hometown and restore his former glory.
That dream was possible, becoming the first to make a dessert wine without fortifying in O.D., and the first to make a dry Moscatel.


With the 2004 harvest the first wines of this winery were born in the heart of the Axarquía, one of the oldest wine growing areas in Europe, famous for its excellent raisins. Due to a progressive growth in production, in 2008 the winery began to move its facilities to Vélez-Málaga, where it is currently located.

The Jorge Ordóñez Group elaborates here, from old vineyards, sweet wines from D.O Málaga and a Dry Moscatel from the denomination Sierras de Málaga.


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