Tarima Hill, the expression of the monastrell in the heart of Alicante.

Red wine 100% Monastrell from Alicante.


Born in the Sima mountain, the terroir of this wine is characterized by considerable differences in altitude between vineyards located within the same area, and a continental microclimate with Mediterranean influence and strong thermal contrasts. The result is a wine with firm black fruit flavors and pepper notes. Its value for money is exceptional, like other wines from the Spanish Levant zone, how Solanera from Castaño wineries and which we already recommend in our Blog.

The wine is made from several old vineyards located in Pinoso, Salinas, El Maña and Monóvar, in the heart of Alicante. Traditional viticulture of dry land, with plantation in traditional vase shape. The vineyards are located between 650 and 750 meters in altitude. Vineyards planted between 1935 and 1970, so the oldest are over 80 years and the youngest 47 years.

The vintage it adapts to the optimum moment of maturation of the grapes, and usually occurs in the first days of the autumn. Vinification performed with native yeasts. Malolactic fermentation in barrel.


Aging for 14 months in French oak barrels. It is bottled without filtering or clarifying. Optimal Consumption until approximately 2021.

Recommended to mate with red meats, game, roasts, poultry, rices, cured cheese, blue cheeses and mushrooms.

The wine has beautiful, full-bodied texture, impressive ripeness and purity and length. The minerality is clearly present in the palate.Ruby red.Aromas to red fruit and blackberries, with a subtle grassy background and floral notes.It has firm flavors and loads of black fruit. The finish repeats the blackberry notes, leaving powerful memories of pepper. Long and persistent finish.

When the world associated Spanish wines only with Riojas and Jerez wines, these two visionaries recovered old abandoned vineyards in areas then unknown.
At the same time, Jorge Ordóñez reinvented the business of exporting Spanish wines, creating new types of customers and revealing the potential of our wines.
The distinctive seal of the winery is the artisan production of native Spanish varieties from very old, less productive vineyards, but which provide more quality in every way.

Rafael Cañizares, winemaker of Bodegas Volver, fulfills a single maxim: to obtain the highest quality from the growing of the grapes to the bottling of wines, a process based on constancy and work. Cañizares, who has been considered part of this new generation of winemakers guilty of a new way of making wines in Spain, has as a personal style that all its wines prove to be corpulent, structured, full bodied and with good harmony between fruit and wood.



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