Baloiro Reserva, an authentic example of the variety Mencía.

Red wine 100% mencia that comes from traditional vineyards of the Bierzo, at an altitude between 500 and 650 meters. Between 60 and 90 years of age.
Manual harvesting, scrupulously taking care of the optimum ripening point. Maceration prefermentative in cold. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. 15 months of aging in French oak. Wine that has a potential for magnificent aging, estimated in about ten years.


Aromas of candied black fruits, Blackberry jam on a floral background and spicy. Harmonic and complex, deep and well structured.

A red that expresses all the richness of soil and landscape that has made Bierzo one of the most suggestive wine regions in the world. The soil of granite sands and clays is transmitted to the grapes through the strain giving rise to a fresh and pleasant wine with an enormous potential of guard. It has a very characteristic nose and identification of the terroirs of the Bierzo, with aromas of ripe fresh fruit but also with a floral air that gives it complexity. In the mouth it shows firm, silky, full and solidly structured. An authentic example of the variety Mencía.

The wine is made by Bodega Luzdivina Amigo. The Amigo family owns a winery that, since its birth in 2002, has had in tradition the main motor of its movements. Respect for previous generations and the work they have done on land and in the vineyard has served to build the future.

mosaiThe age of the vines with which this family works speaks for itself of the foundation of the winery. We are talking about strains between the ages of 50 and 100. Of course, the Mencia and the Godello are the most important varieties although it is worth noting that other grapes are also being recovered, such as the Doña Blanca.


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