Les Manyes, a tour de force Garnacha from Priorat.

Red Wine 100% Garnacha from D.O Priorat made by the winery Terroir al Limit.


Hand harvested in small boxes of 10 kilos. Vinification, traditional Burgundy style winemaking. Without unstemmed, the grapes are taken to a deposit. When it is full it is closed and waited until the fermentation starts spontaneously. Use of indigenous yeasts. The grapes remain at a temperature of not less than 20ºC for a short and dynamic fermentation.
Aging, breeding is carried out for 24 months with a combination of 500 liter French oak barrels and Austrian Stockinger wood fouders (from 1200 liters to 3500 liters).

This wine is big surprise, with a combination of depth, perfume, subtleness and power difficult to achieve. All the Mediterranean herbs and flowers, the essence of ripe red cherries and wild strawberries with some chalky minerality are present in the nose and palate taking this wine close to perfection.


Is a clear example of strength and richness of sensations of the garnacha of the priorat carried to the limit of its expression.

Consume, now and during the next ten years in optimal conditions of conservation.

Les Manyes is curiously the only monovarietal of Garnacha de Terroir al Limit. This tall red – literally and metaphorically speaking – comes from the farm Les Manyes, a mountain vineyard located above the village of Scala Dei. This Garnacha also has the peculiarity of growing on clay soils there is life beyond the licorella in Priorat !. A spectacularly fresh red, floral, fine, very long, capable of animating our everyday emotional landscape from the first drink.

Terroir al Limit is a purist project that seeks to recover a style of wines prior to the Priorat revolution, with a philosophy that rescues the purest expression of Garnacha and Cariñena.


Dominik Huber and Eben Sadie cross paths in 2000 thanks to the Mas Martinet winery and the following year the destination reunites them after spending six weeks harvesting the grapes of the Perez family in Cims de Porrera.
These two specific events forge a friendship that leads them to work together for two months in South Africa and later to start a personal project in Priorat. With the help of the Perez family, which allows them to buy part of their grapes and elaborate in a small corner of their winery, they made their first wine, Dits del Terra 2001.
After two years of walking in the winery Cims de Porrera, they move to their own winery in the region of Torroja del Priorat. 2003 is the year of beginning of Arbossar, 2005 of Torroja, 2006 of Manyes and Tosses (his two wines of height) and 2008 of Pedra de Guix, his first target to be added Terra de Cuques in 2011.

In 2007 – year in which Dominik is definitively established in Priorat – a second period begins in Terroir al Limit. Dominik realized that the combination of maturity and concentration of the grapes, the modern process of vinification that seeks the extraction, and the aging in barrels of 225 liters, did not show the authenticity of this region. It begins to harvest before, it gets rid of the small barrels, and it changes the extractive vinification by a style more Burgundy: fermentation of the whole clusters, without unstemmed, without overturning, doing more an infusion than a extraction with the grapes. He also began to raise the wines in tanks of 1200 to 3500 liters and barrels of 500 liters.

The winery enters a third phase, in which Eben Sadie decides to concentrate his time and efforts in his winery in Sudadrica and is disconnected from Terroir al Limit. On the other hand, they soon realize that it would not be enough to apply organic and biodynamic viticulture to add tension and vitality to their wines. Global warming has forced them to put all their energy in sustainable viticulture, in the creation of soils full of life, turning them into sponges capable of retaining the little water they receive. Humidity and soil life are the drivers of the true character of the vineyard that they want to be able to recognize in their wines: light and fluid, with tension and vitality, the true wines of the Region.


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