Safrá,a fresh Mediterranean red with soul of white.

Safrà (saffron in Valencian) is a red with soul of white (85% Mandó, 15% Garnacha tintorera), elaborated in part with the indigenous Mandó, unfairly forgotten and despised variety, is currently the most original wine of this winery. Fluid and alive, with electrifying sensations, the use of the Mandó allows a slightly advanced vintage, intensifying the character of the wine. Winemaking is done in wineries, with a part of the whole clusters and macerations at very low temperature. Their aging in mud jars complete the singularity of this red.


Hand harvested in boxes of 15 kg. Vinification, fermentation in stainless steel tanks and in old stone cups with 30% of whole bunches in both cases. Native yeast. Malolactic fermentation in clay jars. Aging,  6 months in 2600 liter clay pot.

The color is a bright ruby, and the nose shows bright berry fruit without any hints of excess ripeness, not terribly complex, clean and precise. The palate follows the same path, great freshness, a silky texture and great acidity. A fresh Mediterranean red to enjoy.

Celler del Roure was born in 1996 as a small family winery with the illusion of producing red wines of guard. Located in Moixent, is in the triangle known as “the Tuscan Valencian”.


Pablo Calatayud, owner and winemaker, has been recovering old methods of elaboration and also old local vinifera varieties like the Mandó.
The winery began in 2009 a line of research on the possible use for breeding buried mud jars that remained “dormant” in its “cellar fonda”, a spectacular underground gallery excavated more than three hundred years ago, which houses 97 capacity jars Between 600 and 2,800 liters.

Innovation has led them to recover an ancient tradition. In many wine-growing areas of the Mediterranean, mud and wine have remained united for more than two thousand years (specifically in the region of Moixent, from the 4th century BC to the 1930s).

But the good news goes far beyond the recovery of this tradition. The barrels of French and American oak allow to obtain great wines of guard but sometimes they hide or they mask the origin and the authenticity of the grapes. Mud jars do not bring flavors and aromas and this circumstance helps them to find the essence and soul of their wines.


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